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Two Old Guys Drinking Beer!

Jan 15, 2018

Welcome to Season 2 Episode 2 of Two Old Guys Drinking Beer!  Well folks, he's done it again. Just when you think the President can't go any lower, he surprises us by doing exactly that. This time, he's trashing Africa and Haiti, and bemoaning we don't have more Norwegian immigrants.  What, does he have a craving for Pickled Herring all of a sudden?  Anyway, Bill and I discuss this, Michael Wolff's incendiary new book, "Fire and Fury", and we talk about a real leader, Dr. Martin Luther King, who had he lived would be 89 years old this year.  Finally, we head south of the border for our beer selection this week and our first international beer!  Viva Modela Negra!   I hope you enjoy the episode.