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Two Old Guys Drinking Beer!

Jul 4, 2017

OK, so here's our 4th of July Episode.  We're breaking the usual format with an episode devoted to Politics. The reason?  There is so much to talk about since our last broadcast.  Tweets of a bizarre nature, a conspiracy theory that NASA has to deny, the ongoing saga of the Non-Care Healthcare efforts in the Senate, the suspicious request from a sinister sounding commission on "Voter Integrity", and finally, yet another mass shooting to discuss.  There's so much to unpack, we're splitting out the beer and baseball segments into independent episodes.  So, while you're grilling the burgers and the dogs, popping a cold one or two, getting ready to set off the fireworks (be careful!), tune us in and give this one a listen.  Bill and Dennis hope you have a safe, happy and relaxing 4th of July.   USA! USA! USA!