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Two Old Guys Drinking Beer!

May 23, 2017

Holy cow!  What a rash of headlines pouring out concerning Russians, the firing of James Comey, the appointment of Bob Mueller as a Special Counsel, Flynn taking the Fifth, Trump in Saudi Arabia, Israel and the Vatican. There is so much going on that it is difficult to keep up.  Washington has ground to even more of a snail's pace regarding getting anything positive done while everyone is lawyering up, trying to clean up Donald Trump's tweets, and the disclosures of classified information to the Russians in the Oval Office.  It's only been about 120 days since the Donald took the oath folks, it seems like 120 years.

On a lighter side, we'll be reviewing our 2nd beer, Cotton Mill Gold Pale Ale, a local beer (at least local to us here in the Dallas, Texas area) brewed in McKinney, Texas by the good folks at Tupps Brewing.   Light and crisp, Bill and I enjoyed a couple through the broadcast.  It helped ease the pain from the political discussions.  Also, we had two uninvited guests, my labrador mixes, Molly and Gracie, who decided to join the podcast for a couple of minutes.

Our beloved and beleaguered Texas Rangers had a 10 game winning streak, and look poised to get back in the division race.  Their strong level of play while three of the big stars are on the disabled list is a topic of discussion in the baseball segment. 

We hope you like Episode 3.  Thanks!