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Two Old Guys Drinking Beer!

Dec 27, 2017

While we spend most of the time on Two Old Guys Drinking Beer! commenting on the national political scene, we get into some local politics for this broadcast.

It's not often you get to sit down for a conversation with a candidate for elected office. Bill and I had the pleasure of doing just that with Mr. Steve Riddell, candidate for Texas House of Representatives District 92, which serves the Hurst, Euless, Bedford areas along with a portion of Grand Prairie, Arlington and Ft. Worth.

We had a great time talking with Steve. It's refreshing to have a conversation with someone intelligent and who has a good grasp of the issues. Steve gives us some insight into why he's running (hint: it has a lot to do with improving education) and how he hopes to influence change down in Austin.

Give the interview a listen. I think you will be impressed by Steve and what he has to say.

You can find out more about the candidate at his web-site, www.steveriddellfortexashouse92

Cheers, and best wishes for the coming New Year from Bill, myself, and our sometimes co-producers Mollie and Gracie.