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Two Old Guys Drinking Beer!

Jul 30, 2017

Oh my god.  Look out, Trump has found his "Mini-me". Say hello to Anthony Scaramucci, a Harvard educated financier, broadcaster, and all around annoying person,  who has an ego just as big as Donald Trump, and a mouth that is bigger.  Anthony is the new Communications Director (can you say Joseph Goebbels?) who is coming in to shake things up and get rid of all these nasty leakers who are saying real in-fair things about the President, even though most of them are true.  So, Sean resigns, is Reince out next?   Bill and I get into all the usual nonsense going on in Washington. Talk about a pretty good beer, The Neato Bandito, from the Deep Ellum Brewing Company, and of course get caught up on baseball.   Wow, we were gone for three weeks and look what happened.   Enjoy the show folks.